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Cont. Theses on Feuerbach + The German Ideology

Just as a review, again what you have here is an opposition he’s trying to overcome, in this case the opposition of materialism and idealism. He does NOT take the ‘side’ of materialism even if he calls his own theory materialist, it’s materialist in a different sense. The way he puts it, materialism understands that people are the products of circumstances, but there is no conception of the active side of people as subjects. Idealism focuses on the active side, but abstracted away from the real world. Each is…

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The readings I asked you to do for today are sort of preparatory for Capital. What I want to do on the basis of these readings is sort of establish, initially, the plausibility of the kind of interpretation I’m going to be presenting. Like I said last time, I’m not interested in Marx the person. I’m also not treating this as an intellectual historian might, which is to say to look at the corpus of Marx’s writings to see whether there are inner tensions within the work. What I’m trying to do is take the critique of…

Johnston describes his procedure in this book as conducting equally immanent critiques and defenses of Badiouian and Zizekian political theory. This takes the form of shining a spotlight on the gray zones and inconsistencies which appear in both bodies of thought, finding the keys to overcome certain weaknesses as already residing in the tension and knots internal to each thinker. This is how we will treat Johnston’s work as well.

On the whole, I enjoyed reading this book. I tend to be a slow reader, but Johnston’s skill at summarizing complex arguments coupled with what, among dense theoretical texts, is…

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